The Birdwatcher's Trip
to Alpha Centauri
It is a thousand years since the generation ships left the Earth. Of the 700 people that set off for Alpha Centauri, only two remain. They are the last priests carrying pictures of the old Earth. They will tell the story of the trip and create the holy images and music fit for the new world. These are hymns for the void and interplanetary travel as told by two weirdos in silly hats.

This is a sci-fi film about the ending of the world with live experimental space music from strange new instruments, costumes of the future, way too much fruit.

A weird picture of the apocalypse with images of the flood, celestial harmonies, psychedelic space travel, and a descent into the multi-coloured oceans of an alien world.

Developed at FRINGE LAB and supported by the PAN PAN Platform at Dublin Fringe Festival.
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Presented as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2022
Re-staged at IMMA Earth Rising 2023
Written, directed, composed and designed by Colm Higgins
Performed by Colm Higgins and John Cummins
Produced by Lisa Nally and Colm Higgins
Photographs by Allie Whelan
'A fascinating Mood Journey'
'Sometimes it is so absorbing it could make you forget to breathe; sometimes it is warm and relaxed, sometimes bizarre.' - Rory O'Sullivan, Village Magazine